3 Things to consider before you adopt a Pet

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So you have decided to adopt a puppy. Pets may be wonderful cuddle companions and a lot of fun to play with. In summary, they make wonderful friends and even provide amazing support when we are feeling down or scared.

For many years, a dog or cat needs to be taken care of, including making sure they are safe, giving them food and housing, and ensuring their health.

In order to prepare you for bringing home your new friend, there is a lot to learn. 

  • Prepare yourself

Consider fostering a dog or cat from your neighbourhood shelter before making the commitment to adopt one. Pick a pet that blends well with your household and way of life. What role will a dog or cat play in our family? You should think about this.

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors and wish to bring your favourite pet friend along? Choose a dog that can embark on long adventures. We don’t recommend teaching a cat to do these things as a starting point, even though you can occasionally educate a cat to do so!

Do you live in a small space? Living with a smaller breed of dog or cat could be easier.

Do you spend the day away from home? Some dog breeds, particularly those that wind up in shelters, experience separation anxiety. You definitely don’t want to find out from your neighbors that your dogs are always howling and barking while you are away.

Do you enjoy quiet time a lot? Perhaps the ideal new friend would be a cat, which is likely to be highly independent.

Make sure everyone knows who is responsible for caring for your pet. If it’s just the two of you, be sure you’re equipped to handle everything on your own.

What will they eat? 

Who will do the cleanup afterward? 

Who will keep an eye on them throughout the day?

Who will make sure they exercise frequently each day?

  • Get to know them well before bringing them home.


Meet the dog or cat you want to adopt at the breeder or shelter. Although animal shelters can now provide a lot of information on the animals, nothing can beat spending time with them in person. 

Plan a time to visit the breeder or the shelter and interact with the dog or cat you learned about online. It’s a good idea to inquire about the animals you are meeting from the shelter workers as well. They will be better knowledgeable about their character, temperament, and any relevant past.

You can gauge whether they will warm up to you by spending time with them beforehand.  Do not forget that this will be a multi-year relationship that develops from this initial meeting into a strong, loving attachment.  It’s important to give it some thought to make sure you two are a good fit.

Spending time with them beforehand will allow you to determine if they will warm up to you.  Remember that this is going to be a multi-year relationship that grows from this first encounter into a solid, loving bond.  Make sure you two are a good match by giving it some thought.

  • Create a Special Area for Them.


Once you’ve made the decision to adopt a pet and located them, it’s time to be ready to welcome your new four-legged family member home. Create a distinct space just for them because they won’t know anything about your home.

Create a dog’s personal area in their crate, complete with a bed, blanket, and toys.

Cats should have a tiny, enclosed space set up for them that includes a litter box, fresh litter, food, water, and possibly a bed, even though they will probably think that everywhere they sleep is “their” bed.

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