Your Dog and you are Best Pals

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With a friend who will be there for you no matter what, come up with new ways to manage stress.

As many dog owners are already aware, spending quality time with your pet can make them a lifelong buddy. This is especially true in situations where it is challenging to sustain tight relationships with family and friends. Your relationship with your dog may become even more crucial if you move to a different place, retire, or spend time in isolation during a pandemic, for example.

In particular, during times of extreme stress, dogs have the extraordinary capacity to give their owners an unending amount of affection and emotional support. They give you a place to have fun and play while bringing a lot of laughter and levity into the house to keep you focused on the present rather than worrying about the unknown future. Studies have actually proven that dogs offer comfort that is at least comparable to that of a close friend.

A current study at the University of Utah discovered:

Even more so than having a close friend around, having a companion dog around is linked to decreased cardiovascular reactions during stressful situations. An owner’s higher oxytocin levels in the brain compared to people without pets are related to being totally content and devoted to their dog.

Since therapy dogs have been found to reduce pain and misery in people with chronic pain, companion dogs play a key role in assisting with social welfare issues.

Activities to do with your dog that are enjoyable and stimulating:

Being imaginative and coming up with new activities to do with your dog is crucial for a joyful and emotionally stable housemate. Some possible pursuits are:

doing extended excursions and walks. Long walks with your dog are a wonderful way to not only discover new places but also to get the exercise you need, and they provide a pleasant change from the monotonous repetition of the gym.

Making dog treats at home This enables you to develop your culinary abilities, which can enhance your nutrition, in addition to spending valuable time with your dog.

Training. The more time you spend at home, the more time you have to train and shape your dog’s behavior Your dog will benefit from this for the rest of its life, in addition to receiving cerebral stimulation.

yoga poses for dogs. In these trying times, finding Zen is more crucial than ever. You can reduce stress and spend more time with your dog by incorporating yoga and meditation into your routine playtime.

The “stairway dash” move. This is a surefire method to tire out your dog and leave you feeling completely exercised as well, so try it if you think walks or games of ‘fetch’ are getting dull.

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