10 issues cats encounter in the Autumn

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The hours we lost in the spring are made up in the autumn, but the days grow shorter and the nights become longer. While some people enjoy the autumnal scenery and the changing leaves, others yearn for warmer weather. Whichever season you favor, we all need to adjust as the seasons change, and our feline friends are no exception.


Highway traffic accidents


As the days get shorter in the autumn, our cats may spend the same amount of time outside, but most of their exploration will take place after dark. Due to the fact that drivers must rely on their headlights to observe their surroundings, cats can occasionally be found as a result of traffic accidents. Surprisingly, based on our 2019 statistics, September and November experience fewer traffic accidents than the warmer months of June, July, and August.

Road traffic incidents still cost an average of £1,589.10 according to our 2019 claims data, demonstrating how crucial having pet insurance can be to aid you with those unforeseen expenses.

Excess food consumption

A 2014 study found that cats tend to eat more during the colder months and should be fed more during this period to maintain the additional energy they require. They hypothesised that this was because cats would require more fuel to meet their increased energy requirements during the colder months in order to maintain their body temperature.

It’s crucial to consult a veterinarian about how much food your cat will require to get through the next autumn months.

Open flames and candles

There are several ways a cat could get burned given that Halloween is observed at the conclusion of the autumn season, candles add a nice flicker to gloomier evenings and open fires provide comfort on chilly days. Your cat might become interested in these flickering flames, and because of their thick, insulating coats, they might not be aware that their fur is being burned. This will help prevent burns to your cat’s extremely delicate whiskers, which are necessary for balance.

Candles may be easily knocked over, and fires can burn cats, so it’s best to keep them out of your cat’s reach or only use them when your cat isn’t present. 

Halloween horror

Halloween is a lot of fun for kids because they get to dress up as spooky characters, knock on doors, and collect free candy. It’s a whole different story for cats. Having so many diverse guests at the door can be very upsetting for those who stay inside, and the cats that spend the night away from home might be just as alarmed.

A tub of treats might be placed in front of the house to deter any loud knocks or persistent bell ringing, and keeping your cat inside and away from the busy front door can help keep them quiet and content. 

Toxicity from antifreeze

Cats may be enticed to drink from puddles, ponds, and other bodies of standing water while they are out and about, which implies they may be attempting to stay hydrated by drinking potentially contaminated water. Despite being highly poisonous to cats and dogs, antifreeze can be very alluring to them due to its sweet flavor.

You should keep any antifreeze products you own out of cats’ reach and make sure accidents are cleaned up right away to prevent accidental poisoning.

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